Beth DeBouvre was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Harper Woods, a nice and quiet town close to the state’s capital. She attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate studies in 1984 and 1985. She also attended Wayne State University in 1986. 

Beth has a passion both for teaching and helping others! This passion expressed itself early in her professional life while she worked in the banking sector and helped costumers learn about financial investment opportunities. At the same time, she also completed her undergraduate degree at Baker College in 1999, having obtained a degree in Business Leadership. 

Those early stages of her career also allowed Beth to continue learning and sharpening the saw, as continuing education opportunities were available in her field. She took many new learning opportunities, including classes like Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. This accumulated knowledge, both practical and theorical, and her will to continue learning allowed Beth to earn several certificates through the American College.

Leaving the financial services world completely in 2017, Beth is currently working in the health insurance field, specifically Medicare supplemental insurance. Knowing that most people have a hard time understanding the insurance world, Beth started Shorepointe Benefits, which currently strives to educate people on the enrollment timelines, coverage and cost of Original Medicare so they can better decide what supplemental plan is appropriate for them. In her day-to-day, Beth helps people chose those plans that are best suited for their health, lifestyle and budget.

Beth remembers with great fondness her time as girl scout in her youth throughout junior and high school. She was invited to be a Governors Honor Guard serving on Mackinac Island one week each summer for 7 years. Since 1974, Girl Scouts have had the honor of serving in the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp program. It is an opportunity for girls to play a vital role on historic Mackinac Island. Selected applicants serve the State of Michigan for seven days by taking on tasks including flag ceremonies, guide duties and service projects. Being a member of the Mackinac Island Honor Guard requires dedication, service and a high level of integrity.

While every career has its ups and downs, Beth is currently enjoying her line of work as it allows her to help others decide how to invest in their own health!  Beth is also very passionate about her family, and she loves spending time with her husband, three sons, a daughter and granddaughter.  In general, she strives to lead a very healthy life that includes but is not limited to lots of time with family and friends, exercise and lots of delicious food – her other great passion!

Beth is constantly looking to prepare new dishes and try out new recipes, as eating both healthy and good food is an essential part of a truly healthy life. Cooking also provides a great opportunity to gather friends and family, being the perfect reason to spend some quality time with both.