Tech support playing a significant role in making the world better in the aftermath of COVID-19 – Beth Ann Debouvre

Tech support playing a significant role in making the world better in the aftermath of COVID-19 – Beth Ann Debouvre

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Technology cannot prevent a pandemic onset, but it sure can spread awareness, role educate and also empower crisis responders and also medical professionals to lessen the impact of a situation.

According to Beth Ann Debouvre, technology is the tool that is going to help us tide over these troubled times. In the following post, we will take an unbiased look at how technology allows the mitigation of circumstances. That arose following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beth Ann Debouvre on combatting misinformation

Misinformation is the leading cause of fatality all around the world- it spread through non-vetted social media posts. Regarding diagnosis, medicines, treatment, and government policies. The result is widespread panic, especially among the marginalized classes of the society. This is the main reason why social media giants. And government portals are working tirelessly to publish accurate information and spread it among the masses.

Technology for R&D

In case of any pandemic, the questions are always the same. What is the cure? What is the vaccine? Is there any remedy in sight? This is where technology and AI-driven experiments. For the facilitation of quicker responses to R&D are playing a vital role in understanding. Viral/bacterial structures and weaknesses that can be exploited to find permanent cures.

Traceability of data

As stated earlier, clear messages and information to the populace is the need of the hour. Several online sites present clear and accurate data regarding the spread of the disease. The number of people affected in any given area, and live updates on the trucking. And shipping routes for trade purposes and delay information. Technology allows for the spread of correct news. And real-time updates enable individuals to keep track of a fluid situation as it develops.

Real-time tracking of people with face recognition

In case of any pandemic management or crisis, data analytics is the key to monitoring and tracking. Facial recognition also plays a significant role in identifying affected and displaced individuals. So that friends and families can reunite once again. The law enforcement departments are also using facial recognition. To stop the perpetrators in violation of the lockdown rules put in place.

Contactless movement and deliveries to maintain social distancing

Keep in mind that the best way to fight COVID-19 is to maintain social distancing protocols. Social distancing has led to a complete stop on trades, businesses, and educational institutions. This is where technology can play a crucial role in automated supply lines and driving systems for the delivery of consumables and other emergency goods.

Technology is allowing the workforce to work from home and also live life. In a healthy way without exposure to the air-borne virus. The ability to work remotely will keep many businesses and also ventures afloat in this trouble

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